Houston TranStar Cautions Commuters: When Stranded, Stay in Your Car

By | December 4, 2017

A flat on the freeway. Extreme temperatures overheating your engine. A fender bender causing you to pull to the side of the road. The possibilities are as many as parts of a car, and all unplanned. However, if you find yourself stranded on Houston-area roadways, you can have a plan for staying safe!

Houston TranStar’s state-of-the-art monitoring systems direct traffic incident management around the clock, providing reliable, real-time travel information to area motorists to get people where they need to go, every day and in an emergency.

“Motorists don’t always have control over circumstances, and commuters who travel several miles to and from work each day are even more likely to experience an unexpected problem and become stranded on the freeway,” said Dinah Massie, Acting Executive Director and Chief Information Officer at Houston TranStar. “It is critical for motorists to understand that when stranded, the safest place to stay is in your car.”

According to a Harris County Institute of Forensic Science study, most vehicles break down because of mechanical problems. Whether motorists are trying to change a tire, make a repair, or are waiting for help, the study found that 74 percent of deaths occurred while these motorists were outside their vehicles. So even after you have called for help, the safest place to stay is in your car.

TranStar offers the following tips for staying safe if your vehicle is disabled:

  • Stay buckled in your vehicle
  • Turn on your vehicle’s flashing hazard lights
  • Pull as far off the road as possible, preferably exit the freeway entirely
  • Call 713-881-3333 for help
  • If someone is injured, always call 911

For more information about how to Travel Smart with TranStar, visit www.HoustonTranStar.org.

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