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Visions of a more Beautiful Future for Montrose!

The need for Strategic Planning is one of the most important tasks that the Montrose District performs.

Working with area partners such as the Montrose TIRZ, the City of Houston, Metro, ULI, the Montrose Boulevard Conservancy, and many more, is critical to the success of our work.

To that end we have incorporated many ideas from previously developed plans all designed to enhance the ability for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians to more fully enjoy our beautiful community.

Walkable Montrose Master Plan

Prepared by the Montrose Boulevard Conservancy and adopted by the District — December 2007

  • Envisions a much-improved, “walkable”, great street concept.
  • Montrose Boulevard is a key link between the Buffalo Bayou trails, Hermann Park, Rice, and the Texas Medical Center.
  • The plan proposes a comprehensive pedestrian circulation system to include connectivity, improved pedestrian safety and security for enhanced comfort, accessibility, mobility alternatives, convenience, and enjoyment.
  • Improvements include beautification projects of esplanade landscaping and irrigation, new street trees where necessary, parking lot screen plantings, and landmarks and special projects.

Montrose at the Crossroads

ULI Advisory Services Panel Report — April 2009

  • Board Members participated in the Report and the Montrose District was recognized as a key partner to implement the proposed master plan for the intersection of Montrose and Westheimer.
  • A significant development has already been planned for the SW corner recognizing its strategic potential.
  • Improvement plans are underway by the City of Houston as a part of CIP N-100034, “Montrose to Main Street”.
  • The Montrose District is proposing initial improvements through a 2017 pilot program to remove sidewalk trip hazards in partnership with Montrose TIRZ and City Council District C Office.

Metro University Corridor

— April 2013

  • Support for high-capacity transit option in an east-west orientation in District.
  • Corridor should be located to connect as many institutions as possible.
  • Located to connect to as many other high-capacity transit corridors as possible.
  • Support increased transit frequency and options on other major corridors in addition to high-capacity transit option.

Montrose Special Parking Area (SPA)

— February 2017

  • The District was authorized for the first SPA in the City of Houston.
  • Instituted to relax parking requirements near businesses and encourage a more walkable neighborhood.
  • 1st phase of broader parking management plan intended to be District wide.
  • The District is available to assist property and business owners in meeting SPA requirements.

Lower Westheimer CIP Project

— April 2017

  • Supports the Lower Westheimer CIP projects (Shepherd to Main).
  • Desires for projects first phase be expanded to include Commonwealth and complete the intersection of Montrose & Westheimer in its entirety.
  • Project needs further analysis in design phase to ensure compliance with the turning radius required by transit and larger service delivery vehicles from Westheimer onto key cross streets (i.e. Dunlavy, Montrose, Bagby).

Summary of Expenditures…

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