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We’re making Montrose safer every day!

Security is more than maintaining an area free of crime. It also means the ability to invest, live, and work comfortably. The add Montrose District has developed strategies and actions to enhance the level of public safety, security, and maintenance, and regularly monitors and evaluates the results of programs and projects, while recommending steps for continuous improvement.

Public Safety & Security Services

Programs & projects developed during The First 10 Years included:

  • A “work-smarter” philosophy police patrol initiative which utilizes veteran Houston Police officers assigned to the Differential Response Team. In addition to being experienced, these officers are specially trained problem solvers. They know the community, its character, and its challenges. More importantly, they know and care for the people who live, work in, and enjoy Montrose. On average, our officers spend around 7,000 total hours annually, covering over 22,000 miles patrolling the main commercial corridors within the Montrose District.
  • An internet accessible, mobile security camera program to assist property owners and police by documenting suspicious/criminal activity and serve as a visual deterrent.
  • Continue to strengthen our relationship with HPD’s Positive Interaction Program (PIP) and Differential Response Team (DRT) by providing support and assistance where necessary and appropriate.
  • Proactively patrol the District’s commercial areas to reduce criminal opportunities and enhance communication between business owners, the police, and the community as a whole.
  • Increase Mobile Video Camera placement to deter crime in commercial and other areas of concern to the community and law enforcement.
  • Compile and maintain a database for storing and analyzing crime data and use data to implement targeted programs and projects.
  • Seek opportunities to expand the patrol units into District residential neighborhoods on an ‘opt-in’ cost basis by civic associations who have requested the patrol units and agreed to fund the service cost.
  • On behalf of property owners, advocate for regional security needs with county, city, educational, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

Summary of Expenditures…

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