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By | July 20, 2017

Shine the light on your initiative!

We want to use the bridge lights to visually demonstrate our support and promote awareness of various initiatives and organizations that impact our diverse community. Bridge lighting requests will be accepted according to the following criteria:

Eligibility: Non-denominational nonprofits and charitable events or causes (501(C) (3)). Lighting requests for personal occasions or religious observances. will not be considered.

To be considered: Requests must be received a minimum of 60 days in advance of the lighting date(s) requested. Lightings in honor of holidays, historical events, and extraordinary events/occurrences of City, State, National or International significance, and/or City and Montrose initiatives will be considered. The application must be submitted by a management representative of the official organization making the request. Lighting is at the sole discretion of the district and not subject to appeals or negotiation.

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Holiday Lighting Schedule and Colors

2 responses to “Submit Your Bridge Lighting Request”

  1. Hello, we are a local 501c3 organization – Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Family Alliance – that provides every day support to children with cancer and their families receiving treatment here in the Texas Medical Center. We would love it if you would light up the bridges gold/yellow in September for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

    • Tawny Tidwell


      Please submit your request through the form so that it can be added to our list!

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