Lower Westheimer Corridor Study Public Meeting, April 20

By | April 14, 2017

The City of Houston is almost finished with their study of the Lower Westheimer corridor. The City did a significant amount of work with the community to ensure they were being responsive to neighborhood input when planning improvements to such a unique and historic area. The major theme of community feedback was a greater focus on walkability without increasing traffic congestion.

The redesign is a bold departure from the current configuration of Westheimer. Highlights include reduction of traffic lanes from four to two, provision of left-turn lanes at every signalized intersection, “farside bus slips” – stops after an intersection and outside of travel lanes, wider sidewalks, and strategic on-street parking – largely between Montrose and Shepherd.

The Montrose District believes it is critical that any changes to Lower Westheimer reflect the vision and needs of the community, and do not result in negative impacts to businesses, property owners, and surrounding neighborhoods. For that reason, we urge you to attend and provide feedback.

Following cone! usion of the study, the City of Houston wil I initiate design of the portion of Lower Westhei mer extending from Montrose to Main with the possibility of reconstruction of that portion in 2020.

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