Your opinion counts: What issues should the City focus on next year?

By | October 19, 2016

In 2015, Houston’s City Council took the groundbreaking step of adopting the city’s first general plan, Plan Houston. The Plan describes a vision and goals for our community and identifies twelve core strategies that represent the City’s approach for achieving the vision. 
The City of Houston is now actively working towards achieving the community goals laid out in Plan Houston. The next step is to understand the community’s interests so that policy makers can consider them as they develop City priorities for the next budget year. The City’s next fiscal year begins July 1, 2017. You can share your thoughts on what the City should be focusing on by responding to a brief survey:     

Your input, coupled with Plan Houston’s strategic guidance, ensures that the City will use its limited resources in the most effective means possible to improve our community. The survey is open from October 14, 2016 through November 25, 2016. Call 832-393-6600 if you have questions or would like to request one or more paper copies of the survey.

Go to to learn more about the Plan Houston goals and strategies.


5 responses to “Your opinion counts: What issues should the City focus on next year?”

  1. I think that there are a lot of issues. Traffic, and many City Services. However, I think that the City should work on improving the 311 Service, including the phone app. I use the app a lot, but I learned that the app. is useless. You fill out the request and get a number assigned, but as soon as it is sent to the correct department, the app. case is closed. From that point on, it is a hit or miss whether the request will be honored or not. I have sent many requests, every one was closed and NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE. The 311 phone and app service is nothing but a way to make citizens “think” that they are getting something done, but in reality, nothing is getting done. Save money! Get rid of 311, or make it useful! It is currently a waste of taxpayer money.

    • Bailey Moore

      311 should be abolished and use the money more effectively. I called because my trash was not picked up.
      Nothing happened the following day and the garbage can was still on the street.
      I called 311 again and asked for a supervisor and he said that he has no control over city services. Garbage department had 3-5 days to respond. He said if I didn’t like it to call Ellen Cohen, city councilperson.
      Why do I have to elevate a complaint to city council?
      Why can’t 311 elevate the complaint.
      311 is a waste of taxpayer money.

  2. we need curbs and sidewalks in the 1100 to 17oo blocks of westheimer. it is a disgrace $90 a foot property ,trashy sidewalks, mud,broken curbs,walking area,that is a joke.
    Maijor taxes with NOTHING in return. Retailers suffer.

  3. I think the city should try and focus on our quality of clean air, fixing our streets and traffic issues. There are many industries at the port that are polluting our air as well as all exhaust coming from cars on the freeways. Expanding the freeways is not how we solve our traffic problems, a better solution needs to be done. The expansion of rail and other public transit needs to be improved and expanded to try to take cars off the freeways and roadways.

  4. Sidewalks first and foremost, it is a danger to older people and children. Increased police presence, dealing with the homeless in the area who are openly pan handling on the street, bring back the gay pride parade to montrose.

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