Bridge Lighting Project Road Closures

By | September 21, 2016

MVI_bridge_exampleUpdate (11/16/16): All bridges have been painted.

In order to get the bridges ready for lighting as part of the District’s Bridge Lighting Project, the bridges over 59 are being painted. The painting crew will be doing one bridge at a time, and has already completed work on Hazard as of September 21st.

Painting work requires a total closure of the bridge for approximately one week, possibly longer in inclement weather. Rerouting signage will be posted to ease congestion.

Following the painting work, electrical work will begin, and the light fixtures on the bridges will be replaced. This will require bridge closures for approximately two weeks.

We appreciate the community’s patience as we move forward on this exciting project for Montrose. To learn more about the bridge lighting project, check out our Mobility Initiatives & Visual Improvements FAQ and our Visual Enhancements presentation [PDF].

15 responses to “Bridge Lighting Project Road Closures”

  1. It’s going to look fantastic !!!

  2. I hope they paint the large balls on the Montrose Bridge that has been striped of paint and vandalized

  3. Holli Robinson

    Can hardly wait to see it. Go Montrose District!!

  4. Bailey Moore

    Thanks to the Montrose Management District for taking charge of a situation that the government failed to address.

    Kudos to Claude Wynn for staying the course.

  5. Will they come back and clean and tidy up the paint chips from scrapping off the old paint? When I walked on the Mandell bridge there was old paint chips of all sizes.

  6. Matthew Carranza

    I live just off 59 and Hazard. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the “new” illumination for many years. Thank you MMD, for sparking and “lighting” the pathway, for all to see and enjoy. Beautiful!!

  7. James Hoke

    Look forward to the day when they can flip the switch and light the arches thanks for all of the work to make our neighborhood better. Kudos Montrose District

  8. Casablanca

    I cross the bridges everyday…love Houston.

  9. Steve Grubbs

    This is awesome and I’m glad that its being done. Great job to the MD board! However, the vegetation is awful. It is overgrown, and obscures the lights — perhaps contributing to the graffiti problems. Is this being addressed??

  10. Looks Great!!!!! I’m so Happy!!! Please trim the vines that are growing and pick up the trash!!!!!!!

  11. Maybe post signs with applicable law about vandalization etc

  12. Don’t just cut the vines at the source……… have to remove the dead part…….or else we are left with dead brown vines for months.

  13. When are the bridges to be lit? They were to be complete by the Superbowl. That’s in a week!

  14. James Hoke

    Can they replace burned-out lights long 59 there are more lights out than that are on complete the process to make it look awesome

  15. George Hidalgo

    I went to see the lights tonight. Superbowl is in 3 days. Very diDisappointed that they are not lit up at night. My neighbor said they came on during day light. Does anyone know what is going on?

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