Kickstarter to Fund LGBT Documentary “The Trouble with Ray” Launches

By | November 11, 2015
The Trouble with Ray

Jarrod Gullett and the team at Proud Pony International are working on a documentary about legendary Houston LGBT activist Ray Hill, but they need your help to fund it.

Proud Pony launched their Kickstarter this week to get the full-length version of The Trouble With Ray off the ground and into theaters. The film is currently a 24-minute short, but according to their Kickstarter page, wherever it’s been screened, audiences have wanted to know more of Ray’s story:

“Raised in Texas by labor activist parents, high school quarterback, Ray Hill, came out in 1958, and went on to be one of 20 gay rights pioneers actively fighting repression and discrimination in the 60s. His fierce battle with Anita Bryant helped galvanize the LGBT community in Houston, and resulted in the formation of political and community organizations that still serve the city today.”

Learn more about Ray, the production, and help preserve Houston’s LGBT history by checking out their funding page.

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