10 Reasons To Drive Down Shepherd And Brave The Construction

By | September 23, 2015

Progress is messy and there’s no better example of Houston and Montrose’s progress than the construction up and down Shepherd. While the hassle of starting, stopping and driving around such progress might be an annoyance, there are plenty of businesses that are worth the effort. Here are just ten located in the middle of the construction that may entice you through the mess.

Credit: SOAP Hand Car Wash via Facebook

SOAP Hand Car Wash & Detail / 1801 S. Shepherd
Hand off your ride to the experts at SOAP for a more efficient use of your time, not to mention water. Their website claims that wash-it-at-home folks use up to 120 gallons of water for one car while they are able to get the job done with a mere 10. Get a full detail or just a wash — they do it all. Perfect for cleaning all that dust and mud off your vehicle.

Tila’s Restaurante & Bar / 1111 S Shepherd
Did someone say margarita? Happy hour at Tila’s — located just along the curve of Shepherd Drive — is a multi-flavored affair with $5 margaritas available with an array of fresh fruit juices. Choose from original (fresh lime), mango, kiwi, raspberry, tamarind, pomegranate or pineapple Tuesdays through Fridays from 4 to 7 p.m. Upscale Mexican food makes a great accompaniment to any of their refreshing tequila cocktails.

Credit: Couture Blowout via Facebook

Couture Blowout / 2419 S. Shepherd
High fashion at reasonable prices is what you’ll find inside this River Oaks boutique. A self-described “treasure trove” of luxury attire and accessories, it’s enough to make the headaches of the outside construction screech to a halt. Retail therapy has its perks — and this therapy is coming to you at a fraction of the price.

Torchy’s Tacos / 2411 S. Shepherd
Tacos make everything better. Torchy’s playful fusion tacos will also put a smile on your face — right before you take a big bite. The overstuffed tortillas hold ingredients like fried avocados, fried chicken, fried portobello mushrooms and more. (Of course, not everything is fried, but it is somewhat of a theme here.) Try the queso for an appetizer to get the full Torchy’s experience.

Billie Jean’s Wig Salon / 2403 S. Shepherd
Whether you’re worried about hair loss or simply bored with your look, Billie Jean’s salon delivers to all things wigs, from fittings to styling. A cancer survivor, Billie Jean knows the value of a good wig and has been in the business since the 1960s. For Halloween, check out her selection of costume wigs.

Little Watch Shop / 1919 S. Shepherd
Remember the days when watches — not smart phones — were the best options for keeping track of the time? For those of you who still enjoy the feeling of a good watch on your wrist, whether it’s for fashion or time-telling, stop by the Little Watch Shop and get your watch tuned up or repaired. They also work on clocks!

Kenneally’s Irish Pub / 2111 S. Shepherd
What better way to escape the woes of Shepherd construction than a cold beer and a hot piece of their famous pizza? Kenneally’s is a Houston tradition for a reason, and now’s as good a time as any to enjoy a pint.

Webwood Flowers & Gifts / 1809 S. Shepherd
Get a fresh perspective in your home or office with an arrangement from Webwood Flowers & Gifts. Although they specialize in flowers for events, you can pick up individual arrangements for any occasions (or for no reason — the best kind of occasion). They’ve been in business since 1948, so they certainly know what they’re doing.

Credit: Sanctuari Bar at Triniti via Facebook

Sanctuari Bar at Triniti / 2815 S. Shepherd
The bar inside Triniti restaurant is named Sanctuari for a reason. It’s a pleasurable refuge for those in search of a creative cocktail and bar bites that go above and beyond the usual options. Visit before or after a meal at the restaurant, or for happy hour drinks. Either way, the cocktails will be fresh and exciting with an atmosphere to match.

Hot Bagel Shop / 2009 S. Shepherd
There’s no denying the dearth of good bagels in a town where breakfast tacos are the most popular hand-held morning meal. Hot Bagel Shop is an oasis in this bagel desert, offering fresh baked holey pastries schmeared with cream cheese and stuffed with smoked salmon and all its accompaniments. Don’t expect anything fancy, but do expect something delicious.

2 responses to “10 Reasons To Drive Down Shepherd And Brave The Construction”

  1. Tila Hidalgo

    Thank you so much for this plug for our business. Anything will help. We have been devastated by the construction, not only by the blocking of our driveways, disturbing traffic on Shepherd turned into one lane but also by the noise, dirt, sand, dust etc. which has made it impossible to use our charming patio. Debris, dirt, sand, etc has messed up our compressors for the ac and other equipment on the roof. Our poor taco truck is covered constantly with dirt.

    Oh well. I just wish they were more efficient about how they planned this. Often only the equipment is there and no work is going on. The workers are sleeping or just hanging around, They do not care how long this is taking to complete as they do not work at night or on the week-ends.
    I guess what ever incentives they placed on gettting the job done in a timely fashion is out the window. I wonder if the contracting company is being penalized for being months late. The COH should deffineately subsidize our terrible losses.
    Thanks again for whiting the wonderful things about Tila’s.
    Warmest Regards,


  2. Alice McCarthy

    I can’t live without an occasional hot bagel–and their driveway’s still open!

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