Shadow Monsters Come Out To Play This Summer At The Museum Of Fine Arts Houston

By | June 1, 2015
Shadow Monsters exhibit at MFAH
Philip Worthington, Shadow Monsters, 2004–present, Java, Processing, BlobDetection, SoNIA, and Physics software, reproduced courtesy of the artist. Photo by Carrithers Studio.

Where there is light, there are shadows, and the newest interactive exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts is capitalizing on both. Philip Worthington’s “Shadow Monsters” installation is perfect for a summer day trip to the museum, enjoyed by patrons of all ages. According to CultureMap, visitors become “co-creators in their own tale” in this “storybook full of ferocious, but lovable monsters.”

Visitors are encouraged to use their own bodies to project silhouettes onto the walls of the exhibit with a special “vision-recognition computer software” that embellishes with animation and sound. For example, a simple “shadow mouth” made with hands can be transformed with the addition of eyes, teeth and even the “snarl of a crocodile.”

Worthington tells CultureMap that “monsters are just fun,” adding that he wanted people to interact with the installation, making it “accessible for everyone.”

See “Shadow Monsters” now through September 20 at the MFAH at 1001 Bissonnet. Until then, you can catch a live feed of the installation here.

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