Join The #BlueTileProject And Help Preserve A Piece Of Houston’s History

By | June 8, 2015
Credit: Blue Tile Project via Facebook

Joey Sanchez is on a mission to preserve a piece of Houston’s aesthetic history through the Blue Tile Project. The Chronicle highlighted Sanchez’s efforts last week, which are to “collect photos of as many of these iconic blue tiles in the city” and display them on a dedicated website as well as Instagram and Facebook pages.

Sanchez — a cyclist — “became enthralled” with the throwback curb tiles after noticing them on his many rides and decided to do something about it. He told the Chronicle that he sees the typeface as “an iconic piece of Houston history,” going as far as creating an interactive Google map that gives the exact location of existing installations. (You can find a link on the official website.)

You can be a part of the project by submitting photos of the tiles on Instagram and using the hashtag #BlueTileProject. There are plenty in Montrose waiting to be rediscovered.


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  1. Jeanette Hix

    Before I discovered your web page, I started investigating all aspects of the history, possibility of preserving and historic nominations. I would like to communicate with you on this project.

    Jeanette Hix

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