Biking To Work (Especially From Montrose) Is Easier Than You Think

By | June 2, 2015

bikerack_montroseBikeHouston interviewed Houstonians from all over the city — including some that live in the Montrose area — to find out why and how they go about their bicycle commutes. Here are a few of the best responses they came across.

Veon McRenolds, who is retired, but still rides his bike everywhere (he doesn’t even own a car), says, “Just make up your mind, get on your bike and go.”

Enjoying the freedom of not having to worry about parking, Judith Villarreal tells BikeHouston, “There are so many social rides each week; either going to a restaurant or an exhibition. Try it once and I promise you will become addicted.”

Jake Kushner, chief of pediatric diabetes and endocrinology at Texas Children’s Hospital bikes daily to work and says, “In 2011 I moved to Houston and realized that this city is perfect for biking. The flat geography and expanding bike path network are wonderful assets for the Houston cycling movement.”

Biking to work from her home in Montrose, Kelly Rector, transportation coordinator for the Energy Corridor District, takes on a 17-mile commute each day: “I go along the bayou trail into Memorial Park and then I pick my way through quiet neighborhood streets. I enjoy seeing the horses, birds, butterflies and wildflowers. On my bike I get a much better view of Houston than from the freeway. You don’t need to be a star athlete to bike to work. I would say you just have to try it once. Start by doing it on a weekend day, find a route you are comfortable with and feel what it is like to cycle the distance.”

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