10 Ways To Chill Out In Montrose This Summer

By | June 24, 2015

Summer is officially here, and temperatures are rising by the day. Keep yourself cool (both literally and figuratively) by chilling out all summer long in Montrose.

West Alabama Icehouse, credit: Lian Chang via Flickr Creative Commons

1) West Alabama Ice House / 1919 West Alabama
When the sun starts to set on a long summer day, the best seat in the house will be at the open-air West Alabama Ice House. There’s nothing fancy about the place, and that’s exactly why it’s so beloved. Expect bottles of cold beer, picnic tables, a lot of dogs (it’s canine-friendly) and not much else. Should you find yourself in need of a meal, there’s Tacos Tierra Caliente, a taco truck across the street that ice house regulars swear by.

2) Chocolate Bar’s Chocolatta / 1835 West Alabama
A business that focuses solely on chocolate is a great place to chill all year long, but when the temperatures start to get into the 90s, a frozen hot chocolate is in order. Known as the Chocolatta, it’s described as “thick and rich European sipping chocolate blended with ice, topped with fresh whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.” As if that weren’t enough to get you inside the air conditioned space, they also have a large selection of ice cream to cool you off.

3) Dolce Vita Day Spa / 2503-B S. Shepherd
Dolce Vita is a place that exists solely to help you “relax, restore and rejuvenate.” Take some time off this summer and don’t be afraid to spend it immersed in one of their specialty spa packages. In fact, they have one billed as a “mini-vacation” that includes a 75-minute Swedish massage, 25-minute water cure therapy session, 100-minute signature facial, 25-minute luminous eye treatment and a champagne lunch. For those keeping count, that’s over 225 minutes of pure pampering and relaxation.

4) Frozen Margaritas at La Grange / 2517 Ralph
Though no one really needs an excuse to order a frozen margarita, it’s always a little more refreshing when it’s hot outside. Add in La Grange’s gorgeous, massive outdoor space and you have the ingredients for a perfect summer evening. If you’re one of the few who aren’t Team Margarita, they’ve got a full list of cocktails that are equally as refreshing. Try the mezcal paloma made with the smoky Mexican spirit, grapefruit juice, lime and agave.

5) Bayou Bliss Yoga / 808 W. Main
Finding it hard to chill out anywhere? Take a few deep breaths and then schedule some classes or sessions at Bayou Bliss Yoga. The studio recently moved to a new location at 808 W. Main, but still offers plenty of group classes and spa services like massage. It could be just the thing you need to relax into summer.

6) El Pueblito Patio / 1423 Richmond
El Pueblito Patio has all the ingredients necessary for a chill summer day or night. A tropical patio? Check. Frozen tropical drinks served in hollowed out coconuts and pineapples? Certainly. A menu of Caribbean, Mexican, Central and South American food? Absolutely. Whether you’re heading out on a vacation or experiencing withdrawals, Pueblito is the place to visit to relive that tropical island feel.

7) Ervan Chew Sprayground / 4502 Dunlavy
Let the kids cool off while you enjoy a few moments of quiet underneath the shady trees of Ervan Chew Park. This spray park lets the little ones get wet without the added dangers of a pool, allows for plenty of picnic space, has a great playground nearby and even hosts an off-leash dog park enclosure if Rover needs some exercise.

8) Tai Chi at the Jung Center / 5200 Montrose
If yoga positions have you stressing more than stretching, perhaps a better place to try and chill is in a tai chi class. At this program at the Jung Center, you’ll find a series dedicated to the mindful, slow movements connected to breath to help you meditate and find the balance you’re looking for this summer.

The exterior of The Flat. Credit: Jasmine Lee Richardson

9) Jazz Jam at The Flat / 1701 Commonwealth
What’s cooler than being cool? (Besides ice cold.) Visiting one of the coolest bars in Houston — The Flat — for one of the coolest jazz sessions in Houston. It’s a double whammy of cool that translates to the best evening of chilling out you’ll experience all summer. Add to that the fact that happy hour (4 to 9 p.m.) intersects with the music performances (7 to 10 p.m.) and you have no excuse. What else are you going to do on a Tuesday night?

10) SweetCup Gelato / 3939 Montrose
It wouldn’t be summer without some frozen sweet treats. SweetCup has the remedy for a steamy day with housemade gelato in flavors like almond honey, Vietnamese coffee, tiramisu, fig and cheese as well as dairy free sorbets like chocolate, pomegranate rose and more. Check their Facebook page for daily selections.

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