Real Estate Update: What’s Happening Now At The Susanne?

By | April 29, 2015
A look inside one of The Susanne's model apartments.
A view inside one of the models at The Susanne. Credit: The Susanne via Facebook

Wondering about the big complex nearing completion across the street from the H-E-B Montrose Market? You might be surprised to know there are already nine residents living on the first floor of The Susanne, located at 3833 Dunlavy, with about one-third of the 396-unit property already leased out.

Reporting on the progress of the towering complex, newsletter Bisnow reports that “all common areas will be done by June 15” and the pool will open even sooner. All construction is expected to be finished by mid-fall.

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  1. […] across the street from H-E-B’s Montrose Market finally have their first tenants. As of April, there were nine residents living in the complex, with close to one-third of the property leased. […]

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