A Look Ahead: What’s To Come For Montrose In 2015

By | December 15, 2014

The month is half-over and that means only a few weeks of 2014 left. Taking a look into the new year, there are plenty of exciting things on the horizon for Montrose, from Neopolitan pizzas to art exhibits, it truly will be a year to remember. Here’s a preview of what’s to come in 2015.

The Importance of Being Earnest with Lindsay Ehrhardt as Gwendolen and John Johnston as Jack. Photo credit: Pin Lim
The Importance of Being Earnest with Lindsay Ehrhardt as Gwendolen and John Johnston as Jack. Photo credit: Pin Lim

Classical Theatre Company Begins Anew
With plenty of new places in the area to grab a meal, now there’ll be some refreshing entertainment to accompany. While there’s always time to check out one of the final performances of HSPVA before the school makes a big move to downtown, Classical Theatre Company will provide many an evening of theater since moving here late this year. While they haven’t officially announced any of next year’s upcoming plays, we know they will be presented at their new home at 4617 Montrose and will be boldly re-envisioned works of classical drama.

Boheme Adds To The Family
In addition to multiple revamps in 2014, including the cocktail program and some updates in the kitchen, Boheme is adding an event space to their roster. Located at 115 Hyde Park, it will provide a venue in the heart of the neighborhood for rentals and plenty of fun times. Additionally, it was announced this year that Boheme would also add a brewpub (located adjacent to the event facility), but no new details are available on the project at this time.

BBsCafeLogoBB’s Goes Round-The-Clock
Better than a po’boy for lunch is a po’boy at 3 a.m. if you so choose, and that will be an option come 2015, perhaps as early as New Years according to Culturemap. The Cajun diner will add more breakfast items to the menu to accommodate the transition, with the Montrose location being the only one of the local chain to experiment with the 24/7 schedule.


Sushi Is Coming
When a craving for escolar, mackerel or spicy tuna hits, there will be one more place in Montrose to find it. Earlier this fall, Swamplot and Eater Houston reported that Akamaru would soon inhabit the space at 315 Fairview to offer another option for Japanese in the neighborhood.

Snap Kitchen Adds A Healthy Option
Though many were sad to see Dirk’s Coffee quietly sink into the abyss of closed businesses, the space will be brought back to life in the coming year. Snap Kitchen — a healthy pre-portioned meals takeaway chain — is moving in to serve up some heart-healthy meals that might help you with some of those New Year’s resolutions.

A Burger Joint Called The Burger Joint
If there’s one rule in Houston, it’s that there can never be enough burger joints. A good hamburger to Houston is like a good hot dog to Chicago, it’s just ingrained in the culture here — and for that, we should all be thankful. In any case, after Little Bigs moved down the road to 4617 Montrose Blvd., their previous spot at 2703 Montrose was up for grabs and it will remain a burger place when it becomes The Burger Joint sometime next year. Montrose bar and restaurant entrepreneur Shawn Bermudez (also of Royal Oak, Boondocks, Pistolero’s and Stone’s Throw) is behind the project.

Chef Wendell Price. Credit: Wendell Price blog
Chef Wendell Price. Credit: Wendell Price blog

Rustic Oak Brings A Second Chance
Chef Wendell Price, former chef to the stars in Hollywood, was looking for a fresh start after spending a little time behind bars for tax evasion, and Houston — or 511 Richmond in Montrose to be exact — is where he found it. Price’s restaurant, Rustic Oak is currently under construction, readying for a 2015 opening. The “French-inspired” restaurant, according to Culturemap, will also have an adjacent whiskey bar with a patio for cigar smokers.

Les Ba’Get Parks Permanently
Pho-tunately for pho lovers, a new Vietnamese restaurant will be open by spring of next year. Les Ba’Get, a popular food truck, decided it was time to put down roots and decided to plant them at 1717 Montrose. Spring rolls, banh mi and bone marrow are coming soon.

Fine Exhibits For A Fine 2015
If one of your resolutions for 2015 is to gain exposure to more art and culture, the Museum of Fine Arts has more than enough ways to help you achieve it. Exhibits like “Fangs, Feathers and Fins: Sacred Creatures in Ancient American Art” (ending January 25), “Monet and the Seine” (ending February 1), the exploration of lines in art in “Line: Making the Mark” (ending March 22) and more will keep you cultured for at least the first quarter of 2015.

Credit: Pizaro's Pizza via Facebook
Credit: Pizaro’s Pizza via Facebook

Pizaro’s Finally Takes Its Place In The Neighborhood
Culturemap reported back in September that Pizaro’s — an already critically acclaimed Neopolitan pizza restaurant in West Houston — should be moved into its second location (1020 W. Gray) by early 2015. Permitting delayed the restaurant’s progress, but good things come to those who wait and Pizaro’s perfectly blistered crust baked in their 900-degree oven is definitely a good thing.

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