PIP Meeting: Blue Star Multi-Housing Program

By | May 13, 2013

The City of Houston Police Department holds Positive Interaction Program (PIP) meetings each month.  Featured speakers from different divisions (Burglary and Theft, Homicide, K-9, Helicopters, etc.) explain to city residents how each specific division operates.

This month the topic revolves around multi-family properties.

The Blue Star Multi-Housing Program is a proactive program designed to be a cooperative effort between apartment/owners, apartment residents and law enforcement, to abate crime and to enhance the quality of life for citizens living within multi-family communities.

Also,  a brief talk on “Regional Terrorism Prevention” will be presented to alert those who work in public places to the possible signs of a pending terrorist attack.

Tuesday  May 14th 2013 7:00 p.m.
1602 State St. (Auditorium)

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The Montrose Management District
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