May Recycling Mixer at Light Bulbs Unlimited

By | May 7, 2013

Please join us on Thursday, May 23, as Light Bulbs Unlimited hosts our monthly Recycling Mixer.

Each month our hosting business offer tips on ways to be more green.  This month, Light Bulbs Unlimited owner, Harold Bekker, suggests swapping out traditional bulbs with new energy-efficient ones. “If you go with an LED bulb you, it might cost more initially, but those costs are quickly offset by lower electricity usage and durability.” Plus, they produce less heat which can reduce air conditioning needs.

Bekker might be making Montrose a greener place with his unlimited choices of light bulbs, but he also believes small businesses play an important role in the fabric of a community as well.  ‘Montrose is very welcoming of small businesses,’ says Bekker. ‘We are wonderfully supported by our community!  We know everyone, even all the cats & dogs.  They are all our neighbors too!”

Please RSVP via our event page on Facebook!


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