Doing Good in the ‘hood: Parks By You

By | October 2, 2012


Parks By You is a growing coalition of citizens organizing to increase access to and improve neighborhood parks and bayous in Houston. The goal: to pass a $160 million bond on November 6th that will transform the City of Houston through a system of connected trails and green spaces along Houston’s bayous and neighborhood parks. The vision, a park by you, is a Houston where a majority of citizens live within 1.5 miles of a system of parks or green space. This initiative will improve public health and safety, boost Houston’s competitiveness and compliment ongoing efforts that enhance water quality and flood control.

The benefits are many and when Parks By You is complete, there will be 2,000 more acres of green space and a 150 mile trail system. Houston’s history as one of America’s most dynamic cities is amplified by a culture of opportunity: economic, cultural, and recreational. There are many ways to help ensure Parks By You is a success. To find out how you can get involved,
contact us at

“I’m proud to support Parks By You. As an avid cyclist and a strong promoter of health, wellness, and fitness
I applaud efforts that encourage the community to become active and engage in healthy lifestyles. This plan to
create parks and green space along our bayous within 1.5 miles of a majority of our citizens will give us the access
to recreation we’ve wanted and a chance to exercise and improve our health. These are not just amenities
but important tools for transforming wellnessin our communities.”
—State Representative Carol Alvarado, District 145

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