Puppy Kisses for Going Green at H-E-B

By | August 3, 2012

Recycling in Montrose at HEBWe kept cool and green at our last recycling event at H-E-B Montrose Market. Thanks to everyone who came out and donated newspapers for BARC, all non-lithium batteries via Interstate All Battery Center and glass. All guests received big, slobbery love from Alf, BARC’s big bulldog mascot and learned about how they could recycle their own batteries as well as get their businesses involved in the City of Houston’s Business Recycling Program. Please say thank you to all the sponsors and partners that made this event a success: Compucycle, Traditions Bank, the City of Houston, Interstate All Battery Center, 104.1 KRBE, BARC and Hens for Homes.

MMD H-E-B Recycling Day – Jul 21st 2012 from e-Vision 1 Productions on Vimeo.

Join us at our next quarterly recycling event on October 27 when we’ll be recycling electronic components and small appliances, provide on-site secure document shredding and more. Like Us on Facebook and stay up to date on all the happenings in our community!

MMD H-E-B Recycling Day – Jul 21st 2012 from e-Vision 1 Productions on Vimeo.
Montrose Management District supports conservation programs, emissions reduction and recycling in our community.  We even started automated curbside recycling exclusively to businesses in the Montrose Management District. Read more on the program and how to get your business on board at the City of Houston website here

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