City Historic Districts

Land use is decidedly mixed in the Montrose District with six historic single-family residential subdivisions as well as many other blocks occupied by single-family homes and townhomes, a large number of apartment complexes of all sizes and substantial commercial development in the form of restaurants, bars and retail stores in many areas of the District. The River Oaks Shopping Center, dating back to the 30s, is well known throughout Houston for its upscale shops, restaurants and the River Oaks Theater which shows foreign and art films along with American classics. The major streets in the District: Montrose Boulevard, Westheimer , Waugh Drive, Commonwealth, West Gray, Richmond, Alabama, Fairview and West Dallas – are known for their wide variety of dining, entertainment and shopping options, with most businesses being small family operated enterprises that most residents and visitors prefer. These businesses give Montrose a certain character that is unique to Houston.



The Montrose Management District
board workshop meeting scheduled for April 3
has been postponed indefinitely.