Business Workshops

The Montrose District is a dynamic and creative place that has been built around a sense of community. It supports independent shops and welcomes new ideas; the perfect environment for taking your business from dream to reality. But we also know that running a business is tough stuff, and we want to help you out. We like seeing businesses succeed because we believe it builds a stronger community; it’s a win/win for everybody!

August 28

B2B Marketing & Business Development

Business development for B2B companies presents a unique set of challenges. In this workshop, Stacey and an additional professional service marketer will touch on the most important tactics companies must employ in B2B marketing to remain competitive in today’s marketplace, including mining your database and the power of networking.

September 25

Ethics in Professional Services Marketing

The professional services fields of accounting, healthcare, and law are regulated by ethical rules that govern marketing efforts. Advertising or marketing on behalf of a lawyer, doctor, or accountant can become a confusing maze with serious consequences. When planning a marketing strategy, especially including social media, marketers and those that employ them must remain focused on and aware of any and all applicable ethical rules. A panel of industry professionals made from each category will level the playing field and give you the map to success in navigating the ethics in professional services marketing.

October 23

Analytics & ROI: Tracking Successful Marketing Campaigns

You built a new website; you placed an ad in the Houston Press; you even started tweeting, but is it working? Stacey will lead a workshop on what metrics businesses should use to measure the return on their marketing expenditures, including acquisition cost per lead, increase of reach and/or online influence, and estimated income from acquired customers. Workplace metrics, including marketing analytics, must be employed to effectively quantify fiscal success and/or to identify and change strategies when something is not working before you waste more money.

Location and Time

All Workshops will be held from 11AM–1PM at:

Montrose Counseling Center
401 Branard RM 106
Houston, TX 77006


The Montrose Management District
board workshop meeting scheduled for April 3
has been postponed indefinitely.