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  • Newsflash: Montrose is hip to the curve.

    By | September 26, 2012

    Forbes looked at over 250 neighborhoods in the nation’s largest cities and ranked the hippest based on walkability, number of coffee shops, assortment of food trucks, farmer’s markets, locally owned businesses and restaurants and
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  • On your corner: Chelsea and Montrose Blvd

    By | September 15, 2012

    The Museum Area Municipal Association, located within the Montrose District bounds,  encompasses roughly Main Street on the east, Shadowlawn St., Waverly Ct., Yoakum Blvd., West 11th Place, and Bayard St. form the southern boundaries,
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  • Montrose Makes Clean Streets Dream Come True

    By | September 10, 2012

    You may have noticed those pretty, no-longer-cluttered lanes along Alabama, Dallas, Montrose, Richmond, Shepherd, and Westheimer recently. The Montrose Management District has begun a comprehensive street sweeping of major thoroughfares hiring Waste Partners Environmental
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  • Montrose Crawl is Back!

    By | September 7, 2012

    Houston’s biggest and best Halloween event returns for it’s 6th year taking on 11 restaurants and bars between Dunlavy and Montrose on Westheimer, including Brasil, Poison Girl, Boondocks, Anvil, Etro Lounge, Catbirds, Royal
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